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Directions of Use

Step 1

Locate the wound on your animal. It is advised to clean the wound before applying Manuka Ointment to erase any dirt or excess bacteria. 

Step 2

Apply the Manuka Ointment to the wounded area and margins.

Step 3

Some may wish to bandage the area that has been wounded after application of Manuka Ointment. However, this is not necessary and will not affect the result.

Step 4

Watch the magic happen! You will need to reapply the Manuka Ointment regularly until the wound heals.


How Does It Work?

Step 1

Manuka honey ointment creates a barrier around the wound which protects it from further infection.The sugar in the ointment immediately stops the remaining bacteria from putrefaction.

Step 2

The wound is subsequently cleaned by the sugar drawing out liquids from the wound. The flow of liquid is always outwards which keeps the wound clean.

The killing of all the bacteria in the wound is slow. It takes more then 24 hours. This allows the immune system to kick in as well and join in to take care of the remaining bacteria.

Step 3

There is an immediate effect of the ointment that is alerting the immune system to the presence of natural polymers from the manuka flower in the wound. That is almost like restarting the clock on the healing process. Similar to a vaccination of the body to get the immune system active again. 

Step 4

The ointment helps to accelerate the proliferation of  cells for wound closure. Ongoing unresolved inflammation prevents the process of wound closure eroding proliferation of skin cells.