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Who Are We?


Manuka Ointment - Made with 80% New Zealand Manuka Honey

Manuka Ointment was formulated through the unique blend of pure,

authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey and antibicrobial natural ingredients. 


Where does the honey come from?

Manuka Ointment is powered by Mana Kai Honey, a 100% New Zealand owned

and Maori owned beekeeping operation located in the Far North of New Zealand.

We are commercial beekeepers operating a honey extraction facility along with 2000 beehives for honey production, Avocado Pollination and Queen Bee rearing.

Mana Kai Honey has always known the power of Manuka Honey so when our red dog Missy, broke her leg and required an operation, we knew Manuka Honey would assist... and it did.

Mana Kai Honey has teamed up with leading Manuka Honey Researcher Dr Ralf Schlothauer to formulate and develop Manuka Ointment.


We Are Innovators - Investing in the Future

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Manuka Ointment is the product of a unique blend of 80% New Zealand Mānuka Honey and 20% antibicrobial plant oils, lanolin, natural taste repellent which are all natural ingredients. The ointment has been designed to be treat wounds such burns, grazes, cuts and abrasions. 

Why Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka Honey has been used since ancient times for healing. In the 19th century, researches discovered it had natural antibacterial qualities. Hydrogen peroxide is a component of most honeys that offers this antibacterial element, but it was discovered some 20 years ago that Manuka honey has a super element called methylglyoxal (MGO). This means it is 100 times more potent than regular honey.

The higher the concentration of MGO, the stronger antimicrobial effect.

manuka honey wound care
Our Personal Policy

At the heart of our business we adhere to 5 key values (Nga Uara) which we respect throughout all areas of the company.

- to be correct, true, fair, accurate, appropriate, lawful and proper.
- to be true, valid, honest, genuine and sincere.
- love, passion and sustainability.
- to be an industry leader through knowledge and wisdom.
- guardians of the land, people and culture.