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Please be aware that the images displayed contain graphic content.

Please be aware that the images displayed contain graphic content. 

Client Story: Manuka the Seal

Manuka Ointment was given the opportunity to assist the recovery of one of its most interesting patients yet... a rescued seal from Ireland, named Manuka!

Manuka was believed to have been injured due to strong currents pushing her into rocks. Manuka was subsequently injured on her face and all over her body. The team at Seal Rescue Organisation in Ireland had fingers and toes crossed that Manuka would pull through as her injuries were so severe.

After one week of applying the Manuka Ointment daily, the team could not believe Manuka's progress. She became stable, started eating well independently, and was finally transferred to a kennel on her own.


The Seal Rescue team only had to apply Manuka Ointment for one week before Manuka was given the strength to heal on her own! 



Client Story: Simba The Pitbull


We first met Simba after he was the unfortunate victim of a brutal attack. The attack left Simba with an enormous hole on the side of his head, open to his ear canal. Simba was given a very small dose of antibiotics that was to be taken over 4 days.  We used Manuka Ointment on Simba immediately. 

As you can see, the results have been incredible. The hole on the side of Simba's head has healed miraculously over a period of 3 weeks. 


Client Story: Dora the Explorer

"I cleaned the wound and sent her home on continued baytril and metacam, but also got the owner to apply the Manuka Ointment 2-3 times daily.

Initially, I had thought that we would need to do surgery under an anesthetic to clean out the wound of all the puss, but with time and the magic Manuka Ointment she has healed 100% !"


Client Story: Katie the Horse


"My mare Katie caught her leg in the fence and made a right mess of it. I was worried  about the scarring that would be left.

The below picture is exactly 10 days apart. The difference is huge (more noticeable in person).
It’s quick and easy to apply and she’s fine  with me doing it. This is a product I would love to purchase  and keep using in the future." 


Client Story: Monique's Horse


"He decided that he didn’t like the float  and had a panic in there leading to a  few injuries. I started using your ointment straight away and it healed perfectly  with hardly any marking or scaring to be seen. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to trial this product. It is great!"


Client Story: Paddington the Cat


"On the 7th of April, it was my first visit  to see the Nurse. I’m happy to be on  the Manuka Ointment trial. 
I had my bandage changed every 2  days to 3 days to once a week for  almost an entire month. 
On the 26th of April, I returned to see  the Nurse to get another bandage  change but the Nurse said it wasn’t necessary.
On the 1st of May, I visited the Nurse  for a check up and the Nurse said  there’s no need for a bandage now. I  am  almost completely healed." 


Client Story: Nero the Dog


"It’s a bacterial infection. When he is in contact with something he’s allergic to the bacteria that lives on his skin naturally gets out of control. In the past, he’s had 3 weeks of antibacterials and I use other topical creams. It can be exacerbated by stress, when I lost my other dog last year, it covered his whole back and he was bald. The Manuka Ointment was applied every 3 days or so and killed it in about a week and was cleared up fully in about 3 weeks, an improvement on the 3-4 months of the past."


Client Story: Spud the Horse


"The healing is phenomenal...horses heal differently to a lot of animals and take longer but that Manuka Ointment has been a God send an has sped up the healing for sure! It's a shame Spud did this to himself but very grateful we have been involved in the trial and can really tell the horse world what an exceptional product it is."


Client Story: Coffee the Horse


"Coffee sustained some pretty serious injuries following a fence accident. Injuries including cuts and a big hematoma on his chest. The day after his accident I started using the Manuka Animal Ointment and I was very surprised to say the least! His swelling reduced to almost nothing within 24 hours and his many cuts and scrapes began healing. The Manuka Ointment also helped the big gash on his foot to start healing! I was very impressed with this product and hope many more give it a go if any of their animal friends find themselves in a similar situation!"


Client Story: Pig Dog Cass


"Cass had a cauliflower ear, this is very hard to heal due to the blood vessels in the ear. He had vet surgery however they practically sew what looks like a dish washing sponge in a grid fashion to his ear. This meant there was a lot of inflammation due to the dressing having to remain on for about 4 weeks (as opposed to the usual period). I used the Manuka Ointment on this but especially once the dressing/stitches were removed.


I have used this also on a heap of minor wounds and absolutely recommend this to any other animal owners."


Client Story: Hefina's Dog With a Rash

Hefina stopped in with her fur baby who was covered with a very irritated rash over her full stomach. 

Manuka Ointment was used over a course of 5 days. 

As the area was large and unable to be covered. Hefina found fluff and debris did stick to the dog but other wise the ointment worked amazingly. 

It not only helped remove the rash it help with the discomfort and itchiness of her dog. 

Scroll through the photos to see before during and after Manuka Ointment treatment. 


Client Story: Maximus Prime

Maximus Prime is a 12 year old American Bulldog/Staffie. Maximus needed the help of Manuka Ointment after enduring a big move from Australia to New Zealand. This change in environment ultimately lead to Maximus developing a skin condition; the fundamental cause was due to stress and a low immune system. 

The images depict a 5 day treatment of Manuka Ointment. Maximus was happy to recover after his trauma. "Firstly a big thank you to you guys for helping us out and giving us a sample of the Fabulous Manuka Ointment. We really appreciate it and find the product really awesome, effective and kind to our Maximus Prime. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who would like to use a safe and friendly wound care for Dogs"- Anna Anderson.


Client Story: Stella the Horse

Unfortunately Stella received a nasty gash after going through a wire fence.


Peter decided to use the Manuka Ointment until it scabbed over, but stopped as he was worried that the honey was softening the scab.

Peter said the wound healed well initially.

It has now been 3x weeks and the wound is not entirely healed.

Peter has decided to try using the

Manuka Ointment to allow the healing process to be completed. Stay tuned for progress photos...


Client Story: Rebel


Rebel had just celebrated his second birthday when he was involved in a car accident that lead to his front left leg in an incurable condition. This devastating incident ultimately left no option for Rebel other than to have his leg amputated. 

Rebel was given a week long course of antibiotics and pain relievers. He then began using the

Manuka Ointment to help with the healing of his stitches and reduce the possibility of scarring.

Manuka Ointment also helped to reduce inflammation and ensure the elimination of bad bacteria.

The photo on the right shows Rebel's wound having healed without any infections or complications. We are delighted to see Rebel happy and healthy after enduring such trauma.