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Northland 0486


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Our Procedures

Our Grade of Manuka Honey


MĀNUKA UMF 10+ | MGO 263+

UMF 10+ and above is regarded as medical grade honey with high levels of methylglyoxal which acts as an anti-bacteria, anti-microbial element. We use Manuka UMF 10+ in our Manuka Ointment to ensure more effective and rapid results.


UMF Licence

Mana Kai is a member of the UMF Honey association which means we have all our honey independently certified to contain all the key signature compounds of Mānuka honey. This guarantees our customers are getting what they pay for.

You will find this grading on any of our products containing our Mānuka honey.
Assured Quality
Our honey and products are compliant with AsureQuality.
An AsureQuality Assurance Mark is an on-pack symbol that distinguishes and identifies a product as having been verified by our industry experts. When you see our Mark on food or beverage packaging, you can trust that the product claims and attributes have been independently assessed and are substantiated. 
Therefore, you can trust this product has been verified by a team of industry experts.
Our Personal Policy

At the heart of our business we adhere to 5 key values (Nga Uara) which we respect throughout the production of all merchandise.

- to be correct, true, fair, accurate, appropriate, lawful and proper.
- to be true, valid, honest, genuine and sincere.
- love, passion and sustainability.
- to be an industry leader through knowledge and wisdom.
- guardians of the land, people and culture.